Date: 2011-11-11 05:12 pm (UTC)
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Okay, here's my impressions of the episodes.

The first introduction of the enemy that never goes away (outside of the Master) but is also the Doctor's oldest and perhaps evilest enemies... and are also the most ridiculous looking of them all... none other than the Daleks.

Here we learn that the planet, Skaro, has been ravaged by a terrible war that ended in nuclear holocaust. Wait... you mean this isn't Fallout? Oh, right... well, it looked like Fallout to me.

The Doctor, in his glory. Er... or selfishness. Wow. One is sooo different than his later versions, but you can see, even in this episode, the beginning inklings of character development down the later path, but also how very easy it is for him to fall back to this previous state, or far, far worse. The darkness of Nine, Ten and Eleven are suddenly not that alien a concept. No pun intended.

Susan is just brilliant. Yes, she's frightened. Yes, she's scared, and so very, very young here but she has the bravery to finally do what needs to be done in running all the way back to the TARDIS to get the vials of radiation antidote for her friends and grandfather. While this is tempered with her naivete in trusting the Daleks to keep their word, again, may I point out that this was done in the 60's and how young she's supposed to be?

I love how they escape.

Ian in a Dalek "suit" while being pushed by the Doctor... for the epic win.

And again, Susan shows some brilliance in a scene not two seconds later when she throws a false panic hissy fit to fool the Daleks into believing their ruse with Ian as the Dalek. Epic quick thinking - definitely her grandfather's granddaughter there.

It was a typical 60's sci fi show in all the corniness, but it was also brilliant in character development, particularly the Doctor and Susan. But... I'm biased towards Susan, lol...
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