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It was a another really good one. Susan is starting to show that she's a whole more braver than people think she is - she was the first to climb over the newly created "ice bridge" and then she made sure the rope bridge was up. That takes a guts - and if I'm not mistaken - she did it without being asked. She just just decided she would.

While she's still a bit free with the screams, she is, after all, still very young.

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I really enjoyed this story a lot when I saw it. It seems to have it's share of critics but it instantly became one of my top favourites of the Hartnell and 60s era. I liked the variety of locations and situations the characters found themselves in and I found it very entertaining.
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"Impossible in this temperature. Besides, it's too warm." Have I mentioned how very much I love One? Because I really, really do.

Anyway, this is one of my very favorite serials. I enjoy the way they incorporate several shorter stories into the larger narrative; it reminds me of the Key to Time in a way. Though sadly the latter story doesn't have Barbara saving the day by smashing up a bunch of brains in jars. Oh Barbara, how are you so awesome?